Sunday, December 2, 2012

Global Learning. A summary.

     Global learning explores the interconnections that people and places have around the world. It helps us observe the similarities and differences around our world and relate them to our own lives. It helps us know and understand global issues and how we can work together to solve them. Global learning is useful in teaching these days because young people have the opportunity to critically examine their own values and attitudes,  appreciate similar aspects between other people and them, develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination. Technology is used in GL to achieve a better global connection, such technologies being laptops, mobile devices and conference calls. 

     GL often is mistaken with online learning, e-learning or distance learning, while they are done on a global scale (including people from other countries, especially with a foreign language) they might not include global learning. 
     Nowadays, students and educators have many resources which can make them improve their knowledge about global issues. Internet for example, is one of the biggest resources people ever had, not only being used as an entertainment place, but it could be useful for education, to get in contact with other cultures situations that are similar to our own. 
     Resources such as "Skype", "Flashmeeting", "Twitter", "Blogspot", "Tumblr", etc. allow us to meet each other from anywhere in the world. 
     Many universities all over the world have adapted strategic measures to consolidate "global education" with global contents and interculturally-oriented collaborative learning opportunities. 


  1. It is interesting to see that the world has many benefits with the internet. Jesus Farias.

  2. this is a great technique which allows people around the world to be in contact and updated with each others culture, situation and even improvements done to develop society; many benefits result from using global learning, all known and taken into account to use it in order to impulse a better and more effective education in all stages of human evolve. Adding the fact that technology, which is the main way to apply GL, makes it more attractive to the users.

  3. We use computers, social networks, etc. That is how we learn about what is happening in the world and the fact that it can be used for educational purposes is great. Imagine if someone in another country develops a new teaching method that could help a lot of students around the world, if we didn`t have access to technology then how could we know about that type of information?

    "It helps us know and understand global issues and how we can work together to solve them". global learning is certainly is great way to join forces for a greater good.

  4. Through this program called Global Learning, we have said we are able to become aware of other countries' problems and maybe help them to solve those issues in some way, but HOW?? Well, I think a good way to do it could be to apply the strategies other countries have done and which have the same problems we do and maybe we can create a place on internet to post which ones could be the best solutions for some specifics problems, explaining at the same time which countries have applied these options, what problems they have and which have been the results.


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